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Dahua - XVR5432L-4KL-I3 - XVR - 16 Chn. - SMD

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- 32 Chn./WizSense/4K-N,5MP
- H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/AI Codec
- 32 BNC /Max. 32 IP-Cameras
- Max. 128Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
- 2xHDMI/1xVGA/1xTV
- Face detection/ IVS/ SMD

- 32 channel Recorder / WizSense / 4K-N, 5MP
- Supports H.265+/ H.265/ H.264+/ H.264/ AI codec
- Max 128Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
- 32 BNC/ Max 32 channels for IP camera input, each channel up to 8MP (After IP channels are added beyond the existing channels, the AI Function (IVS, SMD, FACE) will be disabled.)
- Record Rate Mainstream 4K@7fps / 6MP@10fps / 5MP@12fps / 4K-N, 4MP, 3MP@15fps /1080P, 720P, 960H, D1, CIF @25fps / Substream 960H@15fps / D1, CIF@25fps
- 2x HDMI, 1x VGA and 1x TV, simultaneous video output (Spot Monitor)
- 4x SATA Ports für bis zu 16TB
- 1x eSATA Port
- 3x USB (1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0)
- 1x RS485 Port for Alarmbox
- 16x Alarm Input, 6x Relay Output
- 4x Audio Input/ 1x Audio Output (RCA)
- 1x Mic Input, 1x Mic Output (BNC)
- AC 230V
- Coaxial Alarm / Audio / PTZ control
- Supports P2P Function
- Support IoT & POS
- no support for Fisheye dewarp / no support for POS
- AI trough Recorder:
6x chn. Face Detection / Face Recognition; or
12x chn. Perimeter Protection; or
32x chn. SMD

Intelligent video system (IVS), with advanced deep learning algorithms, rule is implemented by the recorder, IVS camera is not necessary, selection is limited by function, not all rules are possible at the same time:

Parameter settings

   - Perimeter protection with object filter human, vehicle for rules such as trip wire and area monitoring / for up to 12 channels through the device, each with 10 IVS rules //

  • AI search via filter human, vehicle

   - Face identification with database comparison of defined images; Examination of  12 face images / sec. /

   - Facial capture with metadata / attributes for up to 6 channels through the device //

  •     AI Search face identification with up to 12 images simultaneously, search for similarities in percent
  •     AI search facial capture using filters with attributes: age, gender, facial expression, glasses, mask, beard

  - SMD Smart Motion Detection for up to 32 channels through the device, for cameras to use without SMD Feature.

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