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Dahua NVR4216-16P-EI NVR 16Chn PoE NVR

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- 16 Chn./ 16 PoE Port NVR
- H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MJPEG Codec
- Max 256Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
- HDMI and VGA simultaneous video output
- IVS/SMD/Face comparison
- 16 PoE Ports integrated
- Alarm In/ Out

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- 16 channel / 16 PoE Port  recorder / WizSense
- Supports H.265+/ H.265/ H.264+/ H.264/ MJPEG (secondary stream) codec
- Max 80Mbps incoming bandwidth
- Live image and playback up to 16 MP
- Decoding capability 1 channel@16MP 25fps, 4 channel@8MP 25fps, 8 channels@4MP 25 fps, 16 channels@1080P 25fps
- Decoding ability 4 channels with 1080p (25fps)
- Direct image output via 1x HDMI and 1x VGA / main window and sub window splitting possible
- 16 PoE Ports integrated / 130W total / Singel Port max. 25,5W
- 2x SATA port for up to 16 TB
- 2x USB (1x USB 2.0 front, 1x USB 2.0 rear)
- 1x audio input / 1x audio output (RCA connector)
- 4x alarm inputs / 2x alarm outputs
- Supports P2P function
- Supports Quick Pick for up tp 8x SMD Cameras
- Supports no Acupick
- Supports no Fisheye Dewarp / no Point of Sale (POS)

- Supports AI by camera:
 Face detection / face matching, perimeter protection, SMD Plus, people counting, heat map, stereo analysis, Quick Pick, ANPR.

- AI by recorder:
 1x channel face detection / face comparison; or
 2x channels Perimeter Protection; or
 4x channel SMD Plus


Intelligent Video System (IVS), with advanced Deep Learning algorithms, rule is implemented by recorder, IVS camera not necessary, selection is limited by function, not all rules are possible at the same time:

Parameter Settings

   - Perimeter Protection with object filter human, vehicle for rule like tripwire and area monitoring / for up to 2 channels by recorder, with 10 IVS rules each // or for up to 8 channels by camera.

    AI search via filter human, vehicle

   - Face comparison (face identification) with database matching of defined images (up to 10 databases with 20,000 images possible) for up to 1 channel by recorder; checking of 12 face images/sec // or for up to 8 channels by camera

   - Face detection (face capture) with metadata/attributes for up to 1 channels by recorder // or for up to 8 channels by camera

    AI search face matching (face identification) with up to 12 frames/sec. simultaneously possible, search for similarities in percentage
    AI search face detection (face capture) via filters with attributes: Age, gender, facial expression, glasses, mask, beard.

   - SMD enhanced motion detection, triggered by people and or vehicles, for up to 4 channels by recorder // or for up to 8 channels by camera

    AI search via filter human, vehicle


Intelligent (AI) search
   - Face identification (rule by recorder or camera must support face identification)

     Face identification with up to 8 images at the same time possible, search for similarities in percentage

  - Face capture (rule by recorder or camera must support face capture)

    Search by filter with attributes: age, gender, facial expression, glasses, mask, beard

  - SMD Enhanced Motion Detection (rule by recorder or camera must support SMD)

    Search by filter Man, Vehicle

   - IVS rules (camera must support at least one of the IVS rules)

    Line crossing search (human, vehicle, non-vehicle filters)
    Search of area monitoring (filter human, vehicle, non-vehicle)
    Search for unmanned object
    Search for missing object
    Search for loitering
    Search for fast movement
    Search for crowd
    Search for virtual fence crossed
    Search for parking detection

   - Stereo analysis (camera must support stereo analysis function)

    Search for fall detection
    Search for approach
    Search for violence detection

   - Car detection (camera must support car detection function (video metadata))

      Create white/black list for license plate / support alarm output / support recording

   - People counting (camera must support people counting function)

    Evaluation of the number of entries, number of exits in the defined area and time period
    Evaluation and export by image or CSV file

This recorder is especially suitable for facial comparison (identification) on up to 1 channel, or by the special SMD rule, as an extension for cameras that do not have stand-alone SMD technology, for up to 4 channels.

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Video Input
016 channel
Recording Rate
256 Mbps (180 Mbps when AI function enabled)
Recording Resolution
16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 6MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 1080p, 1,3MP, 720p, D1
H.265+/ H.265/ H.264+ /H.264 /MJPEG
Display Resolutions
3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1280x720
1 output
1 output
Audio In
01 channel (RCA)
Audio Out
01 channel (RCA)
Alarm Input
04 channels
Alarm Output
02 channels
HDD Ports
02 SATA Ports
Max. HDD capacity each
16 TB
USB Ports
2 USB Ports (1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 2.0)
1 RJ-45 port
PoE Ports
16 Ports
Power Supply
AC 100V~240V, 50~60 Hz
Power Consumption
< 10W (without HDD)
1 Port for PC or Keyboard Communication
Operating Conditions
-10°C ~ +55°C / Less than 93% RH
Face Detection
Face Recognition
Perimeter Protection
Quick Pick

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